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Legacy Extended

Our vision defines our essence

Generational Vision

Inspired by a deep passion for justice and a vision to serve the community, R.C. Malik pursued law with a commitment to providing exceptional legal counsel.

Building On a Foundation

R.C. Malik's steadfast dedication and strong ethical compass established a reputation founded on integrity and professionalism, making him a vocal advocate for these principles.

Continuing the Journey

Carrying forward the torch of his grandfather's vision, Anuj Anand Malik embarked on a journey to honour and expand upon this legacy.

Executing the Vision

Anuj Anand Malik infused vitality into the firm, leveraging modern legal strategies while upholding timeless values.

Our Commitment

AMA Legal Solutions upholds enduring vision, values, and legal excellence since inception, guided by integrity and innovation in the profession.

Opening New Offices

As part of our journey to expand and enhance our services, AMA Legal Solutions proudly established new offices in Delhi, Gurugram, Bengaluru, and Mumbai.


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